Custom Chicken


Where can you find us

some good ol' chicken

The chicken from Kukkelekuu is fresh, juicy and delicious. We stand for a short supplychain and all our products come from local suppliers.

kip met appelmoes en frietjes

Our recipes

Rottisery Chicken


The Kukkelekuu classic slowly roasted with our own spice blend. Super juicy and cripsy!

Half Rottisery Chicken


The Kukkelekuu classic but cut in two




Delicious chickenlegs that melt in your mouth. One of our classic dishes.

Chicken Fillet



Perfectly cooked fillet, seasoned with our homemade seasoning blend.

Smoked ham

(± 600 gr)


Smoked juicy porq

Spare ribs

(2 pers. ± 1200 gr)


At least equally as good as our chicken. Finger licking good!

Grilled sausage

(2 pers.)


Our grilled chicken sausage perfect for apero time.

Apple mouse

(1 pers.)


No chicken without applemouse. Our homemade apple mouse brings sweet flavours into the mix.


(1 pers.)


The classic chicken sidedish!


Italian chicken lasanga

(2 pers.)


The Italian cuisine at Kukkelekuu, made with lots of flair.

Vol au vent

(2 pers.)


A nostalgic classic made with fresh chicken and served with rice

Chicken Tikka Masala

(2 pers.)


This rich and creamy flavoursome Chicken tikka rivals any Indian restaurant!

Chicken Salsa Brava

(2 pers.)


The Spanish spiciness is well represented in our salsa Brava. Made according to the classic recipe with a little twist.


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